ASB kicks off online Golden Together rally

YJ Si, Editor-in-Chief

This morning, ASB released the first two video of their online end-of-the-year “Golden Together” rally series. Students can look forward to further “installments” of the rally every hour until 4 p.m., with a complete “Westview Experience” at 6 p.m. Students can watch the rally videos on ASB’s Instagram account here.

In the last month, ASB has been hard at work organizing their plans to recognize all of Westview’s achievements this year. Despite the closures of schools, ASB president Audrey Tu (11) said that ASB never considered cancelling the rally.

“We owe it to our school to put in our best effort to connect the school at least one last time,” she said. “We knew we were going to find a way to make it happen.”

Tu said that she doesn’t want school closures to affect the way students remember school events like sports, fine arts performances or dances.

“The purpose of the rally is to provide closure for our school,” she said. “I think it’s really important to bring back all the memories that we’ve had throughout the year.”

ASB rally commissioners Lilah Nash (9) and Brad Brady (9) worked tirelessly with the rest of ASB, administrators, and other students to coordinate and film the online rally, along with the performing arts and athletics clips played earlier this week. They wanted to create something that would let Westview be united in their theme, “Golden Together.”

“Even though our team was apart, we still had to be together to get things done,” Brady said. “[Planning the rally] was about adapting to our situation and adjusting with what we had.”

Despite being cut off from face-to-face communication, Nash said she hopes that all the students who attend the rallies can appreciate the work that ASB has done to keep everyone together.

“I think we’ve all created a stronger bond throughout this process,” she said. “I hope that [through the rally] everyone can gain a perspective on how strong we are when we come together.”