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Abby Daines (10) mixes sound during the Alice in Wonderland dress rehearsal, Nov. 15, using a sound board in the tech booth. She carefully monitored the play’s progression and responded to cues in her script alongside Stage Manager Talia Sinder (12). Photo by Amy Wang
Live: Alice in Wonderland
Swasti Singhai, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021

Complete with lighting repairs and novel animations displayed through projections, the theater is back since the COVID-19 pandemic closed school with the play “Alice in Wonderland” by Eva La Gallienne and Florida Friebus.  The play follows 13-year-old Alice as she ventures into Wonderland—a...

Brand Loyalty Blinds Consumers
Brand Loyalty Blinds Consumers
Cara Tran, Staff Writer • November 19, 2021

As one of the few high-schoolers I know who opted for an Android phone over an iPhone, I am often criticized for my “mistake.” Every day, I am reminded by my peers about how great Apple is, or how ashamed I should be because my Samsung “turns the text messages green.” Sure, the empire...

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