Attendance policy

After an external audit discovered that Westview was in violation of laws that required a stricter adherence to attendance policy, school administrators had to change its enforcement policies.
As of July 1, 1998, California school districts are only given funding for students present in the classroom, even if a student has an excuse for their absence. This means that absences result in a loss of annual funding for Westview.

“Inaccuracy and improper documentation [of absences] can result in thousands of dollars in fines to the district, further impacting the ability of the school to provide the best education possible,” Principal Tina Ziegler said.

The passage of the Local Control Funding Formula in California in June 2013 meant that Westview, in addition to other school districts across California, had to watch for and address chronic absences, including excused and unexcused reasons.

State Education Code 608901 defines a chronic absentee as a student who has missed 10 percent or more of the school days for any reason over an academic year, Ziegler said.
Westview last year implemented a new attendance office to manage school absences. This is in addition to working with district professionals dedicated to acting as an intermediary between the school and the family.

“Our vision in the Office of Attendance and Discipline is to come alongside those families facing difficult situations, support them and help guide their children to all the future success they deserve,” Home/School liaison Edward Giles said.