Dance Troupe stays connected through Zoom

Dance Troupe stays connected through Zoom

Alex Andrada (11) practices a dance routine during their weekly Zoom meeting. The team holds coordinated rehearsals despite stay-at-home orders.

Once a week, 15-18 students log onto Zoom to learn a lesson not for academics, but for dance. Dance Troupe was inspired to hold their own Zoom classes specifically for the team in order to stay updated and connect with each other, even if it was only once a week.

“Our weekly Zoom meetings give me a chance to reconnect and be with my team,” captain Jade Bucci (11) said. “There’s a special feeling you get when you are still able to dance with your team, even if it’s virtual.” 

Teammates are able to dance together in sync while listening to the same music. This allows them to replicate their usual practice in the dance room. 

In particular, Bucci said that being able to learn and teach her teammates are her favorite parts. 

“As a dancer, learning from one another’s choreography or even teaching your own brings a sense of pride and fullness when seeing others do your work,” Bucci said. “Teaching a dance also helps me learn for the future what I can do better as a teacher and get feedback about what works and what doesn’t.” 

What started out as weekly announcements regarding captain applications and upcoming virtual competitions evolved into dance lessons planned by the captains, Bucci, Alexis Weldner (11), and Alyssa Ciemiewicz (12). Both the coaches and students are able to host the activities for the 60-minute Zoom calls, which range from learning a short dance routine to cardio workouts and conditioning. 

“We just try to keep the dance team moving and give them something to do because not everyone has access to other online dance opportunities,” Bucci said. 

Although the class is optional, Alex Andrada (11) said she enjoys attending the meetings and seeing her teammates. 

“Not only do I get to continue dancing, but I also get to watch my other teammates as well,” Andrada said. “I love getting challenged and inspired.” 

Bucci and her co-captains plan to continue the weekly meetings and maintain the team’s camaraderie.

“The meetings do their job of attempting to make up for the time we lost together this season,” Bucci said. “It gives us a sense of closure.”