Prom dress Facebook page shines positive light through gloomy clouds of high school

Facebook usually presents itself as a depressing pit of misery. It’s the last stop in pursuing procrastination, the final destination after Snapchat, Instagram, even email, have been drained completely dry. During the months of June through February, Facebook is a cluttered wasteland, flavored only by the typos in your aunt’s status updates and the disappointing memes that should be locked up in a vault labeled “the year 2012.”

But, once February turns into March and spring begins, flowers spring out of the ground, the sun frees itself from the clouds, and Facebook births a miracle. For once February turns into March, the Westview Prom Dresses Facebook page emerges.

The original purpose of the page was to ensure that no two girls show up to Prom in the same dress. One would think it’s nothing more than a platform to quickly display your dress, claim it as yours and only yours, and leave before the dryness of Facebook captures your soul. But since its inception, the page has become more than a pitstop to claim a dress, it’s become a safe haven from the dangerous world of high school and the Bermuda triangle of social media.

The photos that gracefully float along the Westview Prom Dresses page greatly contrast the photos that march down the stream of Instagram, or jump in front of your face in a Snapchat story. There are no filters, no judgments, no expectations. On Westview Prom Dresses, I see nothing but perfect photos. I see girls in red dresses, girls in yellow dresses, girls in puffy dresses, girls in pantsuits. I see photos with poor lighting, with humanly candid faces, with moms sitting in the background, with unfolded laundry posing happily in the corner. The photos are too real for Instagram and its unspoken rules about editing and posing and captions, too real for Snapchat and its crippling trends of filters and locations and faces.

There’s a sense of camaraderie within the Westview Prom Dresses page, where the only unspoken rule is that it is a place for only love—no expectations, no judgments, just love. Whether it’s in the form of nice comments or colorful ‘like’ buttons, it’s all love.

As more and more photos get posted, the page seems less like a platform for declaring dress ownership and more like a wholesome support group for girls. Even if the dress in a photo doesn’t quite match everyone’s taste, even if the photo isn’t of the best quality, even if someone has already claimed that dress in a different color, the post will be embraced with love and support. Best friends will comment on how beautiful you are; classmates will acknowledge how perfect the color is; people you haven’t talk to in years will comment on how the dress looks amazing on you. Scrolling through the Westview Prom Dress page, I get a sense of the community within high school that tends to get overshadowed by competitiveness in the classrooms, and I get a taste of the unstoppable power that is girls supporting girls.

The Westview Prom Dresses page is a place of unconditional support and refuge from competitiveness and the artificial clutches of social media, one that reminds us of what being a part of this community is really about. We lift each other up, reaching new heights of love in the Prom season, whether or not we wear high heels on the big day.