Gannaway finishes final home game with free throws to seal the win

Friday, Ryan Gannaway (12) was astonished that the time had finally come. After three years of playing basketball for Westview, he couldn’t believe that he was about to play his last home game.

After the game began and Gannaway started to play, he said he felt himself working especially hard, pushing himself to compete and play better.

“My competitiveness is always high but this game was just different because I pushed myself more than I usually do,” Gannaway said. “I always push myself but I had this mental aspect that made me really want to play well in front of my friends for the last time.”

Most of the game consisted of the usual plays.

Then, during the last five seconds of the game, Gannaway made two free throws that he said felt different from any play he’d made through the season.

“I just had a different feeling knowing it was my last home game,” Gannaway said. “It just felt good that I hit the game-winning free throws on a senior night. That was different for me.”

Although Gannaway said he struggled throughout the game because of how much he pushed himself to win, the two free throws secured the Wolverines’ win and his success.

“I actually struggled throughout the game I ended the game with only four points so I struggled a lot. I think I was pushing myself too much, I couldn’t make the three-pointers that I usually make,” he said. “I couldn’t make my layups and so I struggled a lot but what made me feel good was the two free throws that I hit at the end. That made all the struggle worth it.”

In the end, Westview managed to triumph over Del Norte, 46-45.

To Gannaway, the win meant more than just his last home game.

Winning on his senior night represented the importance of his final year playing high school basketball and the time he spent working with his team during the season.

“It’s so important because your high school season goes really fast. First its here then its gone,” Gannaway said. “This season has gone by so fast, and the fact that we won on senior night feels awesome knowing I’m leaving Westview home court with a win.”

The game was reflective of his basketball career as a whole.

Coming off the court, Gannaway said he felt the impact of all the years he’d spent playing basketball.

“It made me think about how it was all worth it, the grind, the sweat and tears, but getting to that point I just knew it was all worth it.” Gannaway said. “During the game, I was just taking it all in and how far I’ve come to get to this spot. It felt as if everything was worth it.”