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The Nexus is an open forum for student expression focused on sharing the stories of Westview students and staff and informing the community, following standards of accuracy, truthfulness, ethics, and professionalism. The Nexus aspires to connect its readers through coverage of news, features, opinions, and sports in the Westview and surrounding community. In reporting information, writers strive for impartiality by presenting multiple viewpoints on issues. When opinions of an individual are expressed, they are labeled accordingly. Members of the editorial board write and select the staff editorial. The Nexus is published by Journalism 2 students, and as the official student newspaper of Westview High School, it strives to maintain the open flow of communication fostered at school into the online environment. All editorial decisions are made by members of staff, with the guidance of advisor Jeff Wenger. The opinions published in The Nexus do not necessarily represent those of Westview administration, Westview staff, or the PUSD school board. Letters to the editor must be signed, as they represent the opinion of the individual. Comments on articles are the opinion of the commenter and are meant to invite friendly discussion.

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