Lim tapes for ASB, explores passion for videography

Abby Klubeck and Kadence Ly

Junho Lim (11) films ASB members for a promo, as a part of exploring his passion for videography. His passion grew from filming himself practicing soccer. Photo by Lucy Sullivan.

Video camera in hand, rushing down to the field, Juhno Lim (11) stepped in front of the black hole to capture the excitement and cheers overflowing from the stands, highlighting the key moments of Westview’s Friday night lights. 

Lim began filming and editing four years ago, when he videotaped himself playing soccer. He’d film himself making shots of the ball, or just clips of him playing to see the things he’d need to correct. He said he enjoyed the fun of filming and editing due to the creative freedom it allowed him, and overtime came to do it as a hobby.

According to Lim, practice is key to improving his craft.

“There’s a saying, ‘In order to get a girlfriend, you gotta talk to a bunch of girls,’ so if you wanna become good at editing, you just gotta edit a bunch,” Lim said. 

To further his skills, Lim edited random clips off the internet as practice using iMovie and DaVinci Resolve. Because they were free programs, he used them, but as he got better and understood how to edit, he upgraded and purchased subscriptions to Final Cut Pro X and sometimes uses Adobe Premiere Pro.

This past June, Lim reached out to Youtube personality Kelly Wakasa, who has a subscriber count of 717,000.

 “Kelly posted a story asking what city he should go to, and I told him San Diego,” Lim said. “I [messaged] him my address to stop by when he comes. Two days later, he appeared at my house spontaneously. It caught me off guard but I was super hyped.”

Offering to help the Youtuber film and experience San Diego, Lim took up the role of filming Wakasa asking strangers to go on a speedboat.

“It was hard at first,” Lim said. “I thought I had to do every shot and angle perfectly, but at the end of the day I just had fun with it.”

From the experience, Lim learned a lot from Youtuber Kelly Wakasa and Wakasa’s friends, Steezy Kane and Luke Eich’s creativity. With the bond he created with them, he said he feels that now he can ask them anything if he needs help. 

In the 2020-2021 school year, students from ASB reached out to Lim about filming and editing the Westview Experience 2021 for them. “Over the summer I applied for ASB and got in helping with film.” 

Lim is currently working on the Westview Experience 2022 video, to capture students coming back to school. 

“I feel good working with ASB,” he said. “However, I know there will be many obstacles throughout the process. As the year progresses, I believe I will gain more transparency and better cooperation skills with others.”