Yes on Measure D

Kadence Ly, Staff Writer

Measure D would revise the San Diego Municipal Code to allow the city of San Diego to use Project Labor Agreements (PLA) on construction projects and make the city eligible for state funding and financial assistance. PLAs are contracts between the leader of the construction project and the workers involved. The measure establishes parameters for working conditions, prevents labor disputes, and provides resolutions for resolving issues between workers. Passage of Measure D would make labor relations at construction sites more harmonious and organized. 

Voting “yes” on Measure D would remove doubt about state funding. Currently, state law prohibits state funding or any financial assistance for local projects that the city doesn’t allow the use or consideration of a PLA. But by amending the PLA restrictions, the city would be eligible for financial aid and funding from the government for future construction projects. The passing of this measure opens up the possibility of city improvement and growth, making it something important to vote in favor of.  

Measure D publicizes project contracts and prioritizes local workers before out-of-state workers for local jobs. 

According to the San Diego Municipal Code, the city is required to post online all city construction contracts valued at more than $25,000. Measure D would modify this by increasing reporting expectations. With this measure, the city would be required to post on the city website all contracts valued at more than $10,000. In addition, they would include demographic information of workers on construction projects that use a PLA. This addition to the measure would open up opportunities for citizens of our county to be connected to the process of a construction project and have more information on it. I believe it is important for our community to be involved with the changes in our environment. Being able to access details concerning the construction creates a better relationship between the city and its citizens.

This measure would also require the San Diego City Council to establish a citizen’s advisory board where citizens can review construction projects and decide whether or not they follow the Municipal Code rules proposed by this measure. This keeps the construction projects in line because citizens are allowed to check on them and make sure they are following the rules. This is a good thing because citizens can prevent them from having too much power and also contribute input about projects.

Measure D assists in helping our community prioritize locals before out-of-state workers for jobs. The unemployment rate in San Diego is at .1%, but a yes vote on Measure D would decrease this percentage, offering more labor to the unemployed.