ASB plans Party with Pixar-themed dance

Aspen Cotton, Staff Writer

This year’s Homecoming dance, themed Party with Pixar, will be hosted at Westview from 7-10 p.m., tomorrow. The event, pep rally, floats, decorations, and spirit days are all based on Pixar movies.

To choose homecoming themes, ASB class presidents brainstormed and submitted their ideas in the form of a Google Slides presentation, which they presented to the rest of the class. The executive board consisting of Brad Brady (12), Amy Zhao (12), Sophia Chen (11), and Josh Yang (11) vote, along with ASB advisor DJ Snowoski, on which theme they prefer. 

“We go through the logistics of what might possibly work and also what’s enjoyable,” Chen said. “Pixar is something that everyone is familiar with, and for many of us it also holds lots of childhood nostalgia.” 

The other themes presented were Greek mythology and Enchanted fairytale. According to Chen, the Pixar theme was chosen instead of others because of its many possibilities in decorations, game-making, and overall expected enthusiasm from the student body. 

“There’s so much fun that you have when it comes to float-building, spirit days, and the actual dance itself,” Chen said. “It’s not super restricting. There are multiple universes and characters within [the theme].”

 Chen also said that ASB put a lot of thought into the theme, making sure they thoroughly incorporated it into the dance. 

“[The theme] is going to be everywhere in the decorations,” Chen said. “We want to be able to cultivate this playful atmosphere during the actual dance. We’re hoping that we can make it seem like you’re walking down Main Street in Disneyland.”

To plan a dance, the ASB executive board  has a meeting, brainstorming ideas and establishing a foundation for the dance. They also discuss budget and location. They then present it to the rest of the class, which is followed by a group discussion. After this class discussion, they work with individual sub-committees to oversee the planning process.  

“There is a lot of communication between groups on campus, getting Instagram posts out, getting advertising out, and working with SOS,  which is the entertainment company that we use,” Chen said.

ASB has lined up a variety of food, games, and of course, music. There will be a silent disco, and dance floor with a DJ. In addition, a projected Pixar movie, air hockey tables, and photo booths will all be present. For food, ASB plans to bring in ice-cream trucks, which will be available for students. The ice cream is included in the price of the ticket. 

The dance will be both outdoor and indoor, with the dance floor and DJ being inside, and the silent disco, and most other activities, at the lunch tables outside the gym. 

Organizing an event like Homecoming takes a lot of time and coordination. ASB starts the planning process early to make sure that every detail is well-worked-out before the dance takes place.

“Planning large dances usually takes more than three months, so for Homecoming, we usually begin at the start of August,”  Zhao said.

“I think as a class, we’re all really excited,” Chen said. “Everything’s going smoothly. It’s going to be a lot of fun for the [ASB] class. Homecoming Week is a really great time for the class to actually bond, because we’re all in it together. It’s shared stress,  shared experience. And that’s what’s so great about it, too.”