Staff Editorial: The Nexus looks forward to the next 20 years

Staff Editorial

Last year, we celebrated Westview’s 20th year. Not only was the 2021-2022 school year a monumental anniversary, but it was also our first year fully back on campus since the pandemic. Coupled with the fact that it was the final year of Principal Tina Ziegler’s administration, this current year is truly the beginning of a new era. Over the past two decades, Westview has cultivated a reputation of academic prowess, being ranked in the top five public schools in San Diego according to US News, Niche, and Public School Review, and we have produced alumni that have gone on to do amazing things. Looking on to the next 20 years, The Nexus has compiled a list of some of the things that we hope to see more of at Westview from staff and students alike, the first being academic adaptation.

As times change, so should our curriculum. We collectively demonstrated our ability to evolve the way that we learn during the era of virtual school, and though we are glad to be back in the classroom, there is no reason for us to leave behind the tools that we’ve gained.

Though Westview places a strong emphasis on academics, there are many more factors that define a campus, and school pride is an important facet that is formative to the high school experience. A school can only be as spirited as its existing students, and frankly, our school lacks pride. Complaining about this achieves nothing, and this is a topic that requires action in order to change. Dress up for the spirit days, wear Westview merchandise, and most importantly, support Westview events. Don’t be afraid to chant in the Black Hole, even if you are a freshman. Come to the dance shows, to the Improv shows, to the GOLD shows. When we as students show up for each other, a sense of community is fostered, which inevitably translates into Wolverine pride.

Next, is maintaining our campus. Not only should our students be proud of a loud student section or a winning sports team, but we should also take pride in keeping our school clean, and respecting those whose jobs it is to maintain it. We are fortunate to attend a school with palm trees, big windows, and a format that allows us to spend time outside, but as the campus turns 21, we need to prioritize keeping it clean and updated. In addition to students respecting the campus, it is crucial that administrators listen when students alert them of a broken bathroom stall lock or a missing soap dispenser, and address the problem in a timely manner to ensure that Westview is a comfortable and safe place for students.

And when things aren’t going well on campus, whether that be in or out of the classroom, we want our students to continue speaking up. Students like Nene (‘19) and Ekene (‘22) Okolo, who started Black in PUSD following the growing conversation about racial in- justices in our schools. Students like Ella Smith (‘17) who worked to get the water bottle filling stations that we now use on campus. And students like Amelia Kane (11), who personally supplied the restrooms with menstrual products when she noticed that this resource was lacking for our students.

Another issue that we hope our community continues to work on is the culture surrounding mental health on campus. We have made progress in the past few years, taking steps like hiring a school site therapist, and abiding by PUSD’s decision to allot students three mental health days per grading period, but we would like to see Westview culture truly change for the better.

Lastly, The Nexus is excited to welcome Mr. Ernie Remillard as our new principal, and is eager to see what innovations and ideas he will bring.