The Nexus thanks the Westview community for their support this year

The Nexus Staff

Upon the Westview community’s return to campus, The Nexus has worked hard to re-establish a newspaper that has reported on local news and students since the school opened 20 years ago. We always strive for the highest quality of reporting, and none of it is possible without the help of several individuals and groups in our community. For our final staff editorial of the 2021-2022 school year, we would like to thank everyone who supported our work. 

To Principal Tina Ziegler, thank you for your transparency in countless interviews throughout the course of the year, and your visibility on campus. The information you provided to The Nexus was invaluable, and you will be greatly missed.

To our counselors—Eve Arp, Alisa Berner, Adriana Chittuluru, Christine Cudmore, and Vanessa Ho, thank you for your insight and the information you provided about the student body. In addition, thank you to Pam Roth for helping us find students to interview for sensitive topics like homelessness.

To ASB adviser DJ Sosnowski, thank you for taking the time to speak with us about ASB events this year, and for providing us with the tools necessary to set up the front page of this issue.

To former Nexan and current teacher Melanie DelaCruz, thank you for providing words of encouragement to your former home and for reliving your old Nexus days by interviewing a source when no one else was available. 

To Athletic Director Steve McLaughlin, thank you for providing us with a list of students committed to college for sports and for your availability throughout the year.

To PUSD Board Vice President Darshana Patel and Director of Human Resources Charan Kirpalani, thank you for answering our questions about district-level policies.

To our alumni, thank you for briefly returning to high school from your busy lives and sharing your stories with us. 

To Bob McHeffey, Mike Kurth, Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie, Keith Opstad, and Jerry Leininger, thank you for showing us how Westview was created.

To Keith Opstad, thank you for allowing us to use your space and art supplies for our Final Focus and front page visuals.

To Art Wolfe and the rest of the custodial staff, thank you for cleaning up during and after press nights. We are grateful for your patience and energy.

To our advertisers, thank you for your business, and thank you for allowing us to help you reach the community.

To Advanced Web Offset, thank you for printing our newspaper, and notifying us when there were issues that needed to be fixed. 

To Nexan parents, thank you for providing dinner during press nights and for being our biggest supporters back home.

To Kellie Oydna, Katherine Bell, and Kimberly Bennett, thank you for tolerating our often unreasonable level of noise and for granting us use of our shared hallway. 

To our assistant adviser, Stephanie Tanaka, thank you for taking the extra hours of your day to supervise us on Tuesday press nights.

To Jeff Wenger, our adviser, thank you for seeing the things we don’t and for pushing us to be the best journalists we can be. We are grateful for the guidance yet freedom you provide us to print this newspaper.

To the students and faculty and everyone else we interviewed for a story in this paper, thank you for your time, your clarity, and your courage in trusting us with your words. 

Lastly, to the readers and supporters of The Nexus, thank you for your enthusiasm every time we publish. The work we put in every three weeks is completely worth it whenever we see you reading the paper in Homeroom, holding it in the halls, or when we overhear you talking about one of the stories we published. Your support, your criticism, and your reactions are why we work to publish this paper, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so.