Westview enforces rule, requires ID upon entry

Jillian Sinder, Staff Writer

Judy Kang (10) walked from her house to school on Oct. 11, ready to conquer the day, or so she thought. After getting halfway to school, she realized a grave truth: She had forgotten her ID. 

“I realized I had left it in my purse after going to Homecoming that Saturday,” she said. “Luckily, I had left early for school that day, and I started running back home to retrieve it. After much panicking, I quickly grabbed it and started heading to school with the card secured in my pocket.”

Students have always been instructed to bring their ID, specifically for off-roll privileges, but it’s only recently that they’re being checked at the gate when entering campus. Last year, Westview began enforcing the rule that all students must show their ID before entering campus. Because of this, Kang often worries about forgetting or misplacing her ID. 

“I always have a fear of losing it, as I have dropped it once already,” Kang said. “Before I leave for school, I always have to check my bag just in case [to see if I lost it], even if I know that my ID card is in my bag.”

Lead Campus Supervisor Kevin Ashwell works to enforce this and other security rules.

“Some of my responsibilities as a campus supervisor are making sure that students, staff, and parents follow rules set forth in the student handbook,” Ashwell said. “With implementing IDs being checked, a lot more students understand that in the student handbook, it states that every student on campus must have their student ID on them at all times.”

Ashwell said that there are many reasons for checking IDs before coming on to campus, but the main reason has to do with emergency situations. 

“If an emergency were to happen on campus, many local authorities would be coming onto campus and clearing rooms and people,” he said. “This identification is needed for this to happen or it would delay clearing campus.”

The policy is also useful to meter who comes onto campus.

“[When thinking of] specific incidents that encourage this policy, Sandy Hook comes to mind with an unauthorized person trying to come onto campus,” Ashwell said. “This policy also helps with alumni when they are home for the holidays.”

Despite security personnel’s newly enforced rules, Ashwell said that it’s not possible for them to always monitor the school, so they have made other improvements. 

“Some other improvements Westview has made to campus security are more and better cameras around campus,” Ashwell said. This helps fill the void where security cannot be at all times of the day. Another example is having only one entrance and exit point, [which] helps to monitor students with ID checks so whoever comes onto campus is seen.”

Even with the emphasis on ID checks for this school year, there are instances where students forget to bring their IDs. In the case that students don’t have their ID, they can still enter campus by writing their name, ID number, and reason for not having their ID on a list outside the front gate. 

“Students who forgot or lose their ID are required to sign a list,” Ashwell said. “Students only get a few free passes before administration will make you buy another ID card in the library for $5.”

Though getting IDs checked improves campus security, some students find it not ideal. 

“Although it isn’t a big issue, when I am carrying multiple things in my other hands such as my art portfolio or my laptop, it can be a hassle taking it out every day,” Kang said. 

Despite a few minor inconveniences to students, Ashwell believes that checking IDs was a good decision and has ultimately improved campus security.