Album Review: “Power Up”

Sara Brownlee, Staff Writer


AC/DC is Back in Black with Power Up, their 17th studio album, released Nov. 13. The music industry has missed the iconic Australian rock band since their last album came out in 2014, and mourned the loss of the band’s co-founder and rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young, whom the album is a tribute to.
After decades, AC/DC has returned to journey down the Highway to Hell with their demon-esque vocals and iconic guitar riffs. Lyrics written by Angus Young and his late brother embody the spirit of AC/DC in its prime. Malcolm Young’s nephew, Stevie, stepped in to play rhythm guitar and sing backup vocals for the new recording, and I can’t forget to mention the nearly deaf frontman, Brian Johnson. You know you’ve made it in the rock n’ roll industry when your very own music causes hearing loss. The music and lyrics stay true to the band’s devilish persona as they pull inspiration from their previous releases, but still manage to give fans 12 brand-new tracks to hold them over until they decide to make another surprise comeback in six years.
Growing up with parents who are fans of classic rock has given me a certain appreciation for the prestige of bands such as AC/DC. The guitar solo featured in “Code Red” draws inspiration from the solo in the band’s iconic song “Back in Black” which gives the song a familiar feel, whereas the guitar riff and deeper background voice featured in “Demon Fire” are unlike any modern song I’ve heard before.
The overall skill and precision of the music and song writing left me Thunderstruck. As a whole, the album is a ballad for the lifelong fans of AC/DC as well as anyone who enjoys an ear-rattling musical experience. This album and its intricate and haunting melodies stay true to the band’s identity. For Those About to Rock, Power Up is waiting.