Review: Everbowl

Rating: 9 out of 10

In addition to offering recently trending acai bowls, Everbowl serves salads, smoothies and its main star: fruit bowls.

Everbowl’s theme is “unevolving” food. Ignoring unhealthy, processed, man-made food, it serves food made of healthy ingredients and natural superfoods.

Their most popular menu items are their customizable one-size fruit bowls. Customers can create their own, or pick from a selection of pre-designed combinations called “local favorites” they recommend.

Customizing fruit bowls consists of choosing a base, liquid, topping, and superfood. Base ingredients include acai, pitaya, acerola, and graviola. The selection of toppings include everyone’s taste, ranging from unique toppings like crystallized ginger to cacao nibs, and are easily customizable to any dietary restrictions. All bowls are $8, whether they are custom or not.

When I first walked into the store, I was immediately attracted to the mid-century modern yet cozy design. Multicolored wood panels and prints with fun phrases cover the walls, while the menu is displayed on sleek electronic screens.

There is plenty of seating both inside and outside the restaurant, with a small potted succulent on each table.

Having little to no experience with superfoods and fruit bowls, I decided to order the Everbowl “local favorite,” an acai bowl with granola and grapes, banana, strawberry, blueberries, and dried goji berries on top.

All fruit bowls are served in a reasonably sized clear plastic jar. The fruit was arranged neatly on top by the employee, and overall looked very aesthetically pleasing.

I took mine to go, so the bowl came with a lid that made it travel-friendly.

The bowl itself was delicious, like a superfood fruit sundae. The acai blend had the viscosity of a thick smoothie, topped with chewy, crunchy granola and fresh fruit.

Refreshing and substantial, this bowl filled me up and served as a cool treat in the hot afternoon.

A problem I have with most fruit bowls is how expensive they are for what you get. However, this bowl was fairly priced and extremely substantial.

Anyone who craves a healthy yet affordable treat can find that at Everbowl.

Since eating there, I’ve discovered a new favorite food of mine—acai bowls.