Club presidents collaborate, form Westview United

The rise of “the Avengers” rocked pop culture. The Avengers were a diverse group of individuals thrown together to work toward a common goal, all with their own unique strengths. This year, ASB President Nathan Xia (12), has assembled his own team of Avengers in the form of Westview United.

“I wanted to positively impact the school in a different way than my predecessors or past presidents did, ” Xia said. “I was thinking, ‘Hey, it would be really cool if I brought together leaders and influential students on campus.’ I wanted to build a platform to discuss pressing issues and talk with different people on how we can change our student policy so it’s more encompassing for the entire student body.”

Over the summer, Xia contacted presidents from a variety of clubs and organizations such as Westview Gold, Science Olympiad, and ROTC.

“It’s like the ‘Avengers’ of Westview,” he said. “Westview United really wants to establish a strong team to collaborate and unite our school together in order to make positive change on campus. There are a lot of aspirations that we have and we want to make them happen.”

One of the leaders that Xia brought in was Caitlin Toth (12), president of Bikes for Kids.

“Nathan approached me about Westview United, and talked to me about what I feel my influence is on campus,” she said. “We both reflected on senior year and how we’ve come so far and our legacy on campus. I think Westview United is a really great idea; I think it’s going to grow and we’re going to need more leaders on campus to push the goals of this program.”

The first project that Westview United is collaborating on is Homecoming. Homecoming this year is going to involve more clubs and organizations and more participation from the student body than previous years. The theme is “Odyssey of a Lifetime,” set in the 1960s, during the space race between the United States and the U.S.S.R. Part of the plotline is that Westview was built as a cover-up to hide an underground rocket.

“We’re going to be telling a story with Homecoming this year with different clubs as characters,” Xia said. “But who built the rocket? It’s Westview Robotics, it’s Science Olympiad, it’s all those kids, and their work within this story helps it come to life.”

Additionally, there will be events and performances connecting back to the homecoming theme integrated throughout the week involving Astronomy Club, Bayanihan, and Bikes for Kids, among others. Xia is planning on continuing to expand the group to include other leaders on campus, and plans to pass the organization down to future ASB presidents.

“I think that collectively the students [who are a] part of Westview United are absolutely brilliant,” Xia said. “They are brilliant collaborators and most importantly they care. They care about the school and student body. If you’re a leader of a club, group, sports team, anything on campus and if you’re passionate, driven, and dedicated and want to make a change on campus, work with other leaders on campus, or find resources—find me, talk to me, we can work together.”