The Nexus says thank you to its readers, supporters, community

Editorial Board

Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, The Nexus staff has worked hard to cover the stories of our students and issues pertinent to our readers. As journalists, we strive to achieve the highest standard of reporting, despite this year’s unexpected turn. For our final staff editorial of this school year, The Nexus staff extends its gratitude to several individuals on our campus and in our community. 

First and foremost, to the students and faculty for their willingness to share stories with us and their community: Thank you for your bravery in trusting us with your words and experiences. Your stories are what make our paper worth the read. 

To Principal Tina Ziegler and administrators for answering our questions on schoolwide and districtwide issues and events, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm in speaking with us. 

To our counselors, Alisa Berner, Christine Cudmore, Vanessa Ho, Ruben Mata and Katie Ramirez, thank you for being open to interviews and providing us with information on our student body. 

To our School Administrative Specialist Jocelyn Garcia and Guidance Technician Cosette Marolt, thank you for supplying us with statistics for the college map. 

To ASB Adviser Shannon Parker, thank you for taking the time to talk with us about ASB events on campus, and for making this year’s final print issue possible.

To Athletic Director Steve McLaughlin, thank you for giving us insight on the school’s athletic programs and team records. 

To Art Wolfe and our custodial staff, thank you for cleaning up during and after press nights. We are grateful for the clean working environment you provide. 

To our advertisers, thank you for your business. We are extremely proud to be your means of reaching the community. 

To Advanced Web Offset, thank you for printing our newspaper with timeliness and flexibility. 

To Nexan parents, thank you for the press dinners, for driving to Vista at night to fetch the newspaper, for coming to school early the next morning to drop it off. Most of all, thank you for being our most avid readers at home. 

To Kellie Oydna, Katherine Bell, and Dan Lutgen, thank you for tolerating us and our high jinks in the hallway and allowing us an enjoyable work environment. 

To Mr. Lutgen, thank you for accompanying us on our trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the JEA/NSPA High School Journalism Convention. 

To the yearbook staff, thank you for your generosity in sharing camera equipment, computers and the hallway. 

To our assistant adviser, Stephanie Tanaka, thank you for the extra hours you spend after school to supervise us during press nights. We regard your advice and support with much appreciation. 

To Jeff Wenger, our adviser and our biggest inspiration, thank you for guiding us to become not only better journalists, but better people. Thank you for editing our articles late at night, for devoting countless hours to our publication, and keeping this newspaper running. We love you. 

Finally and perhaps most importantly, thank you to our readers for their patience as we moved to online publication. We cannot begin to describe the satisfaction we feel knowing you are reading The Nexus during SSH, carrying a copy under your arm, or talking about an article you read. Thank you, truly, for your support and your feedback. It is an honor to serve the Westview community.