Powell re-creates Senior Night for swimmers

From left to right: Julia Derunes, Elise Do, Shalom Lee, Paul Tran, Rachel Sfiligoi, Isabel Powell, Grace Kim, Philip Chen, Erik Zhang

On each of the eight seniors’ front porch sat a black bag with a Westview Swim and Dive shirt, homemade cookies, and a black balloon with the words “Senior Night 2020” written in gold Sharpie. 

No, this wasn’t a mistake, but rather a gift from Isabel Powell (12) to give the swim and dive team in place of a senior night that, like so much else this spring, was canceled this season. 

“I wanted to let the seniors know that they weren’t forgotten through all of this happening,” Powell said. “I wanted everyone to feel like it was just another year.” 

Being captain of the varsity swim team, Powell was excited to begin the new season with a fresh spirit and fun bonding events planned out ahead of time. Powell was devastated by the season’s cancelation. 

Then, she and her mom came up with the idea to heighten her teammates’ spirits by creating a surprise senior night. 

Powell assembled goodie bags for each senior and set out to deliver them to each individual house on the day that was supposed to be the team’s actual senior night, April 9. 

Not only was Powell able to re-create a senior night, but she also felt the team’s connection.

“I was really happy with all the reactions I got after sending them,” Powell said. “I got lots of texts saying that they were very surprised and thankful. Even though I didn’t do anything for myself, I didn’t care because it was amazing to me how I could still make people happy.”